Museums: philosophy

The parameters that define the philosophy of the Museos Insulares de La Gomera are cultural democracy, openness and the interactivity of its system and awareness. Concepts such as territory, community, network or multidisciplinarity are also at the root of the museums’ operations.

Cultural democracy: Museums should not overvalue historical periods, human groups or characters, but should place, with an accurate scientific analysis, the historical processes of the island in the context of global history. Today, multidisciplinarity (botany, genetics, geology, chemistry, etc.) presides over any scientific work approached from museums.

An open and interactive system: Nowadays, museums do not live on the margins of communities where they are located; they are not profit-oriented and must be open to a close, permanent and flexible dialogue with visitors and neighbours. At the heart of this modus operandi is the network that extends beyond the island, involving associations, public institutions, educational centres, museums, universities, etc.

Awareness: the community must be aware of the existence and value of its own culture. Thus, the island’s cultural heritage is understood as a key element of identity and development in a world of continuous change and a strong tendency towards cultural homogeneity. We focus on reinforcing the relationship between the Gomeran community and the territory where it is located.

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