The permanent exhibition

At La Casa Echeverría we have created five exhibition spaces, each one of them located in the rooms that the house used to have and including the inner courtyard. In them you are invited to discover, in a warm atmosphere, what life was like for the first settlers of La Gomera. (A small gecko that runs along the floor will show you the best way).

The ground floor of the building thus represents the present. This area deals with introductory topics such as the organisation of the exhibition, sources of information, the archaeological heritage of La Gomera and the early archaeological history of the island.

Climbing up to the first floor, the visitor reaches the building’s noble rooms, which are more spacious and have high ceilings: by going upstairs you reach the past. Room A shows the geographical and historical context of the island, before moving on to its economy: farming, agriculture and the gathering of food and raw materials. Room B deals with manufacturing, as a link between resources and the way they are transformed to make them useful: technology and aesthetics. The work of wood, leather, stone, bone and pottery. After going back out into the corridor, you come to Room C, or of the people. From the individual, his or her appearance and bio-anthropological challenges, the family, the local community, the tribe, bands and politics on the one hand, language and writing on the other.

Finally, we have to go up some stairs to the first floor of the building where we find Room D. Here we find aspects related to beliefs, religion, death and symbolism.

The museum ends with a reflection that we consider to be of enormous importance.

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