La Gomera Reserva de la Biosfera

The island of La Gomera is one of the smallest in the Canary archipelago; its greatest distance in a straight line, from point to point, is less than 24 km. Its highest point is towards the centre, at the Alto del Garajonay (1.487 m.); on this part of the island, there is a high area with a network of deep ravines distributed in a radial pattern. The rugged relief characterises La Gomera: mountains, cliffs, rocks, crests, volcanic dykes… etc. but not only this… The nature of La Gomera and its cultural values have been internationally recognised for their wealth of endemisms and singularities. Its mountains, the Garajonay National Park, has been a World Heritage Site (Unesco) since 1986, and since 2012, the island and the sea that surrounds it is a World Biosphere Reserve. [Read more]

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